Thursday, January 19, 2012

In case you think I've been slacking off No. 2

Gossamer Blue scarf

I couldn't help falling for this super-soft baby bamboo yarn. It's like working with gossamer. Working with it was a little daunting after playing around with lots of chunky yarns. The bamboo was so soft and light.

I used this: bamboospun yarn in denim.

The pattern is a basic one that makes the most of an already-textureful yarn. I've played with front-loop/back-loop stitching as parts of other patterns, but don't usually find attractive except in a case like this.

Here is a good basic tutorial on making a back-loop stitch:

Chain however long you want - I chained about 153.

1. dc in third chain from hook. dc in each stitch to end. Chain 3, turn.
2. dc in back loop of each dc to end. Chain 3, turn.
3. - 5. repeat row 2 to the desired width. I went for length over width with this one, so my scarf is only 4 rows.



  1. This is very nice. I really like the color, and the looping effect is lovely.

  2. The color is beautiful, and the stitch looks very intricate.